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This program is a collection of innovative activities and key concepts designed to educate citizens about the role storm drain systems play in our watersheds and particularly in our water quality. Adopt-an-Outfall provides citizens an opportunity to take an active role in watershed stewardship throughout the greater Victoria area. This is a free program available to any age group, but most appropriate for older students (upper elementary to high school) and adults.

Our INTENT is to help community and school groups get involved in monitoring their local storm drain outfalls.


The Adopt-an-Outfall program provides groups with the knowledge of their neighbourhood storm drain system and the outfall of storm water into their local watershed.

The objectives of Adopt-an-Outfall include documenting spills, monitoring water quality, raising awareness about storm drain systems, and reducing the amounts of pollutants, which are entering our local waterways via storm drains.

The following topics are some of those addressed within the Adopt-an-Outfall manual:

  • The difference between the storm drain system and the sewer system 
  • What is non-point source pollution? 
  • The effects of pollution in our watershed 
  • How can individuals stop polluting our waterways? 
  • Basic water quality background and testing procedures 

To download your own copy of the Adopt-an-Outfall manual, 
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A version for educators and leaders.  Contains lesson plans and resources pertaining to children and students.

Modified for adult use.
Adopt-an-Outfall in the Community
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Already involved in the Adopt-an-Outfall program? Here are some tips for sampling water quality.

Note: If you and your group are interested in purchasing a kit but do not have the funds to do so, visit your nearest VanCity branch and ask the CSR Representative about Community Branch Funding.  They fund up to $500.


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