The Veins of Life  Watershed Society

“Our human health and well-being are directly linked to the well-being of the environment… We are not just observers of nature; we are part of nature.” "Our Rivers are Talking… Are We Listening?” Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and Environment Canada Current Trends along the Lower Fraser, Fall 1997

One of the primary goals of Veins of Life Watershed Society (VOLWS) is to educate citizens of our community about the intrinsic value of our waterways and the role we play as watershed citizens.VOLWS believes in the participation of community citizens of all ages for the enhancement of our water quality. As such, VOLWS has implemented education programs aimed to support and encourage community groups and schools groups to partake in water stewardship.


The following education programs are offered through the Veins of Life. Click on the logo for further information on each program:

This program is VOLWS latest initiative. Geared towards upper elementary to senior citizens, Adopt-an-Outfall offers an easy to follow manual to help you test the water quality in your neighbourhood.

The Storm Drain Marking Program is most appropriate for our younger citizens. This program created by the DFO, the BC Ministry of Environment, and the BC Conservation Foundation gives kids a chance to make a difference.

River Ranger is the vision of Veins of Life . The program combines boat building skills, recreational boating, and watershed stewardship into an extensive educational experience.

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