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Are you searching for ways to:
Make learning relevant and meaningful?
Encourage a sense of community and teamwork?
Participate in environmental stewardship?

If you find yourself nodding your head to these questions, 
here is how to get started!


We are at this time looking for a volunteer education coordinator please email John Roe

As an introduction to our education programs, email (see address below) the education coordinator at the Veins of Life Watershed Society to book a presentation.  The coordinator will be happy to accommodate requests such as: topics of focus, special needs, types of activities, etc.  The following are presentations we currently offer: 


A Power Point presentation (and activities) that outlines the principals of watershed stewardship.  This presentation is designed to provide the necessary prerequisites for further participation.  Topics covered: watersheds, impervious versus pervious surfaces, storm drain and sewer systems, spill reporting, non-point source pollution, the water cycle, freshwater and its value, health related issues, and watershed stewardship.  For the younger audience, a game is played at the end to review and sum up concepts they have learned during the presentation.  This presentation is made for ages 8 and up.


After an introductory to watershed stewardship, students have the opportunity to paint bright yellow fish beside storm drains.  Storm drain marking is ideal for the elementary crowd!
Take a tour of a local storm drain system.  Learn to read maps of the underground world of pipes. Sneak a peak under a manhole cover. Follow the rain from rooftops to the outfalls.



Adopt-an-Outfall training. Do you want to make a commitment? Once or twice a month visit an outfall in your neighbourhood and test the quality of water that flows out of it.  Adopt-an-Outfall training prepares your way with an overview on how to use the manual, sample water quality testing experiments, tips and suggestions, how to get water quality testing kits, and an opportunity to ask questions.

Most presentations are adaptable to grade three through to senior citizens.

A NOTE to educators: Presentations correspond with the following curriculum topics: water, pollution, environmental stewardship, watersheds, community responsibility, and environmental chemistry.

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