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Water is a traveler on the blue planet. Flowing water carves monuments from rock, alters boundaries between land and sea, and frozen in the form of glaciers, scours the landscape. Water weaves together all living and nonliving things in an intricate tapestry of colour, light, and movement.  So much a part of us and our routines that we take it for granted and forget that water-a gift of nature- is life” WATER: A Gift of Nature


All life forms depend on water.

Water is essential for the creation and functioning of living cells.  It is the main component of blood and plant sap, it transports nutrients to living cells and carries away waste products.

About 80% percent of earth’s surface is covered with water

The saltwater oceans and seas contain the largest volume of water on earth (97%).  The remaining 3% percent is fresh water, but less than 1% percent is available for human consumption; the remaining 2% is frozen in polar ice caps and glaciers. 

One half of the world's animals and plants live in water.  75% of a living tree is water

66% of a human being is water.  75% of the human brain is water.  83% of our blood and 22% of our bones is water.

Water in our bodies:

Regulates body temperature
Keeps salt in the body from building up
Carries food into the organs
Carries oxygen to body parts
Conducts electrical nervous impulses 
Aids in digestion
Removes wastes products
Cleanses the blood in the kidneys
Our food is largely composed of water: tomatoes (95%), milk (90%), apples (85%), bread (35%), chicken (74%), and beef (61%).
There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there was 3 billion years ago.

Globally, clean water is a life or death issue for one out of every five people.  In developing countries, 80% of all disease is spread by unsafe water.

Canadians are one of the greatest consumers of water in the world.  We use an average of 500 litres per person every day whereas Madagascar uses 5.4 litres per person per day.

Indoor annual water use in an “average” Canadian home

Toilet flushing 40% (approximately 19 L of water is used every time the toilet is flushed) 
Bathing and Cleaning 35%
Laundry and dishes 20%
Drinking and Cooking 5%


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