Ganges Beach Cleanup

Follow the link to see pictures of the Ganges Beach Cleanup 1 and Ganges Beach Cleanup 2 a job well done

Purposed time: Saturday June 21st.. 2008 early morning start, 9 am till 1 pm

Meeting Place: In front of the Local Bar in Gasoline Alley

Purpose: to start removal of abandoned vessels and debris from the beaches at low tide. Starting at the beach in front of Moby's and working around as far as the Salt Spring Sailing Club.

For the cleanup day please bring work boots, wheelbarrows , gloves, sun screen, water, pails or totes for garbage. We will be dismantling some of the two boats to lighten up for floating and removal so we will need wrecking bars sledge hammers and couple of chain saws and other wrecking tools.

We have permission from Transport Canada to remove the derelict vessel in front of the Local Pub known as MV Betty Miss.

We have permission from Transport Canada for removal of a vessel named MV Nipawin see picks veinsoflife .

Volunteer or donation opportunities

1) Team leaders / organizers pre and post volunteers, event day volunteers

2) First Aid Attendants

b) Tent from donated from Royal Lepage Salt Spring ( thank you Patti Speed )

3) Large boat trailer or excavator for boat disposal ( donated trailer and transportation from Barrie at Harbour End Marine ( thank you ) Excavator time from John at Salt Spring Disposal and Recycling ( thank you )

4) Bins for disposal ( John at Salt Spring Recycling, disposal from the CRD community cleanup fund

5) Grant writer to CRD for disposal funds ( obtained from the CRD Community cleanup fund thank you Wendy )

6) Food donation and preparation ( Thank you Lynn )

7)Music and or entertainment ( None so far )

8) pails and plastic boxes for small garbage removal ( we try not to use plastic bags )

9) wheel barrows and rakes

10 ) Plastic & or tarps a least 40 X 50 to be used a diapers once the vessels are afloat

11) floatation foam has been generously loaned by Gary from the Crab Boat

12) Netting to hold in foam ( Kathy & Al Reimer )

13) we need help with gasoline either donated or monies to purchase for the boats working in the Harbour removing the garbage. We all know just how expensive gas is on Salt Spring

Contact John R. Roe at volws@salishsea.ca

More to come shortly got to go to work

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