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We will keep these files active to show the world how not to screw up a simple project like trying to keep one Marine Mammal alive.

So many people say they cared, but if you look through these files you will find what a complete screw-up this was. Everyone including the Veins wanted to be in charge but nobody protected the dam Orca.

We as a NGO society have had equipment, digital media, data, film, web sites hijacked by so called volunteers.

I am sorry Luna, we as a community failed to listen, failed to learn, failed to protect, this will not happen again.

Those's that participated, you know who you are, hang your head in shame for your continuous exploitation of this complete screw-up, trying to Save one Orca named Luna.

I watched on the CBC TV The Lens, Saving Luna, last night, found it to be some what balanced, what I couldn't understand was that over thirty minutes of video footage was shot off our Marine Marine Monitoring Vessel, using our equipement, our boat, our fuel, our paid staff and volunteers.

This company approached our society to use our media and we the Veins of Life Watershed Society decided against signing a release. So what did they do, they got our paid staff and volunteers to sign. I don't know what planet these videographer are from, but in the real world you compensate and accredit those's that participated. They all have been compensated, in the real world this is theft.

We as a Non - Profit have worked with 10's of 1000's of people, governments, organizations, none of our directors past or present have ever been paid.

We are still paying down the debt accumulated from, the mismanagement of this program.

The Luna Stewardship Project mentioned in this video is the property of Veins of Life Watershed Society working with the Whale Museum from Orca's Island. Not the staff or the volunteers.

We have managed the M3 Marine Mammal Monitoring Program with the Department of Fisheries Canada since 2000. We have never experience such greed, past employees and volunteers are still asking for your finical support through their bloggs and web site's.

Please do not pay or donate anything to these web sites asking for compensation for video or pictures and or donations.


This Link will take you to assorted video's and pictures of Luna the Orca

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