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Get to Know the Veins of Life Watershed Society E-Team Crew!
Aimee Mitchell (aimeem@canada.com)
Aimee joined Veins of Life after completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria. Her work experience includes employment with the UVic alumni office and two years at London Drugs, while also volunteering at Metchosin's Wildlife Rehab. Centre, the Land Conservancy of B.C., and the Victoria Natural History Society. Aimee's long term career plans involve her contribution to the field of wildlife management with particular focus on rescue/rehab. of wildlife as well as research. When asked what experience Veins of Life has provided her with, Aimee mentioned field experience including environmental restoration, invasive species removal and native species introduction, stream stewardship via "Streamkeepers" and bioengineering. Her most embarrassing moment at Veins of Life was being nominated for all secretarial work, and the four terms that best describe her relationships with fellow E-Team members would be annoyance, comic relief, partnerships, and problem solving. Outside the infinite realms of work (she holds two jobs), Aimee prefers bird/wildlife watching, hiking, camping, and field plant identification.
Wesley Roe
Wes is currently completing his high school education while working at Veins of Life. He became involved with Veins of Life at the age of ten when he and his father founded the society. Ever since that time Wes has become a permanent fixture at the society, both as a volunteer and now as an E-Team member. Wes' most valuable experiences and training at Veins of Life include first aid, fish weir construction, and PR work in general. His most memorable day with VOLWS was the pizza party commemorating the completion of the Millstream park project.  One day Wesley hopes to be a lifeguard and/or a chef. 
Sonja Zupanec
Sonja's education background includes a Bachelor of Science degree in environmental science as well as a geologic technician diploma. Prior to working at Veins of Life as an E-Team leader, Sonja was a Jr. environmental consultant working with private sectors in South America and several countries in Africa on biodiversity and GIS contracts. Sonja's time at VOLWS has provided her with better communication and negotiation skills as well as allowing her to become one with the clippers. Resulting from her experiences here, Sonja finds Veins of Life very useful and she's proud to be apart of their 2000-2001 achievements. Sonja describes her experience with the E-Team members as insightful, informative, practical, and humorous. Although she'd like to forget it, Sonja's  most memorable moment at VOLWS was watching Wes make Dorito sandwiches at lunch. When Sonja grows up she hopes to be a professional wrestler! Her hobbies include stunt kite flying, hobby gardening, and reading Kurt Vonneget novels on Sundays. 
Matthew MacDonald (matthewmacdonald@canada.com)
Matt graduated from the University of Victoria in the spring of 2000 with Bachelor of Science degree in Resource management geography. Before coming to Veins of Life, Matthew worked as a tree planter, a manager for Sewell's marine group, and as a Jr. remote sensing/GIS technician. His future goals include the development and management of protected areas in third world nations. He would also like to gain experience through working for the ministry of environment or in a related organisation. Working at Veins of Life has provided him with knowledge of bioengineering techniques, the complexities of working in cooperation with government, and stream restoration. Matt's most memorable experience at VOLWS was clipping adipose fins at the Goldstream hatchery and seeing Wes catch hell from  the head clipper. When describing his experiences with other E-Team personnel he mentioned friendliness, positive attitudes, mostly  hard working, and safety conscious. Matthew spends his time outside of work playing guitar, fishing, surfing, playing frisbee sports, and thinking of tropical paradises. 
Camille Andrews
Camille's educational background includes completion of the environmental biology associate degree at Camosun college. Before coming to work at Veins of Life she has worked as a counsellor/volunteer coordinator at a local day camp, as an assistant manager of an after school club, and as a native plant garden attendant. Camille's planning to further her education and become a wetland biologist or herpetologist. Camille's experience at VOLWS has provided her with knowledge of bioengineering practices and experience applying restoration practices in real life situations as well as experience creating web pages. Her experience with other E-Team members include gaining knowledge and inspiration from others experiences, partnership building, teamwork, and problem solving. Camille's most memorable moments were the bird watching opportunities at Viaduct flats. In her free time Camille enjoys birding, hiking, camping, and pursuing a career in wildlife photography. 
Diane Clithero
Diane graduated with honours from Reynolds and Victoria High schools and excelled in geography and earth science as well as photography. She is currently preparing to enter in a post secondary institution in an environmental field. Before working at VOLWS Diane worked in customer relations at Walmart's garden centre. She also volunteered at Goldstream park info centre. Eventually, Diane would like to become a conservation officer and/or a wildlife photographer. Her experience and training at VOLWS has provided her with knowledge of first aid techniques, the flora and fauna of Southern Vancouver island, "Streamkeepers", bioengineering techniques, stream and riparian restoration techniques. Diane's most embarrassing  moment here was tripping on a root and landing on all fours in the dirt. She also finds the exchanges between Matt and Wes humorous. When asked to describe her experience with other E-Team members she mentioned team work, companionship, hard work, and laughter. Diane's free time is spent gardening, camping, hiking/walking, bike riding, doing yoga, and photography. 
Email: volws@salishsea.ca
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