What is a Downspout?

Your home's rain-carrying system is designed to catch rainwater and snow melt from the roof and funnel it to the downspouts, which direct it away from the foundation. An ineffective rain-carrying system can lead to big problems such as wet basements, cracked and eroding foundations, or damaged siding or landscaping. To avoid such problems, make sure your gutters are installed properly, have no leaks, and are free of debris which can clog downspout. Most of the downspouts on homes in the Capital Regional District are directly connected to the storm drain system. This can lead to flooding of creeks where the strom drains empty (see our pilot project).

Downspout Extension

There are several options available to homeowners who want to divert water away from their foundations and the storm drain system. The items below are available in area hardware and home improvement stores. Along with the description and common brand names is a price range, which varies depending on the store, the brand, and the additional equipment necessary for installation.

Extension Type Common Brand Names Price Range
Flexible: extends about 55 inches; can connect multiple extensions; bends around corners Flex-A-Spout $8 -13
Roll-out: rolls out from 48 to 144 inches (depending on model) when filled with rain water, then retracts out of the way Downspout-A-Matic, Rain Drain $2-11
Flip-up: extends 30 to 72 inches (depending on model); is on a hinge so it can be flipped up out of the way for mowing grass Dripper Flipper, Adjust-A-Spout $4-9
Straight: aluminum or vinyl none $6-10

Rain barrels
are also an excellent way to conserve your roof runoff!

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