What is the program about?

This program is a pilot project being initiated by the municipality of Saanich, the Friends of Mount Douglas Park, and Veins of Life Watershed Society. It hopes to encourage citizens to divert the rain water that is currently flowing from their storm drains into Mount Douglas Creek, onto more natural drainage areas.

To reduce the amount of urban runoff
entering Mount Douglas Creek


Why is it being done?

When it rains in Victoria, the water from your roof collects in the eaves and empties into the storm drain system. From the storm drain, this water flows directly into Mount Douglas Creek. During a heavy rainfall, a vast amount of water flows from rooftops into these storm drains. This heavy flow can result in flash flooding of the creek, causing erosion and an increase in suspended sediments (turbidity) - both of which can be damaging to stream life. With this program, rainfall will be diverted from the storm drains, decreasing the impacts of heavy rain on Mount Douglas Creek.




How can you help?

If you live within the Mount Douglas Creek drainage area, and have been visited by the Friends of Mount Douglas Park, please fill the pamphlet they left on your door knob and send it in. After that, you don't have to lift a finger. At a cost of only $5/downspout, an E-team crew from the Veins of Life Watershed Society will visit your home to provide more information or to do a site assessment of your property. They may then disconnect your roof downspout and divert the flow onto your lawn or garden, or into a rain barrel that you have provided.

Being involved in this program is a terrific help to our community stream.

Thank you for your participation!


How can you benefit?

Along with the environmental benefits to your local stream, this program will provide you with an effective means of recycling a valuable resource. With the CRD's new water restrictions, many homes are now concerned about the health of their landscaping (which according to the City of Vancouver accounts for 40% of household water use). Rainwater is oxygenated, unchlorinated, and warmer than tap water, qualities that actually make it a better source for plants and safer for the environment.



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