Summer E-Team 2001
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E-TEAMS 2001

Meet the Veins of Life Watershed Society Summer E-team 2001...

Jason Savoie-Young

This striking lad was born and raised in Victoria, minus a short stint in France during elementary school. Jason has traveled throughout the Western States, Mexico, Europe, Japan and South Africa, and plans to continue his worldly adventures in September. Mr. Savoie-Young enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, surfing, flying (he is currently working on his commercial pilots license), and it is this passion for the outdoors that has lead him to join this year E-team (plus the great salary). Jason loves to gorge on spicy East Indian food and wash it all down with a nice, cold Weinharts- or any beer for that matter!


Jessica Martin

Jessica is from the small town of Fruitvale, British Columbia. She has recently traveled to Chicoutimi, Québec, where she participated in a French language program and has traveled to Oregon and California. On her return from California she purchased a drum, and to the dismay of her travel mate gave up driving in favour of making music with her new instrument. Jessica’s Nana is an important person in her life, a person whose qualities she admires and aspires to develop in herself. Jessica thinks that if she were an animal she would like to be a monkey, observing others and spending time up in the trees. Jessica’s interest in the outdoors is reflected in her hobbies of hiking, mountain biking, and canoeing. She has a love of laughter and an interest in non-profit organizations with a commitment to local communities, making Jessica a perfect and valuable addition to the Veins of Life Watershed Society E-team Crew.

Taryn McCaffrey 

Taryn was born in White Rock BC and attended the University of Victoria where she completed an undergraduate degree in Geography and Environmental Studies.  She enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, bicycling and rock climbing.  She also recently took a SCUBA course and hopes to do more diving in the near future.  Taryn spent the last year traveling around Australia and New Zealand.  She has a very strong interest in native plants and hopes to put some of her knowledge to work this summer while working with the E-Team. 


Kyla Tienhaara

Kyla was born in Niagra Falls, Ontario, but has happily been living on the West coast for the past six years.  She has an undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Political Science from UBC.  In her spare time you may find her playing in the waves, sailing and windsurfing, or hiking through the forest.  If she had a choice she’d rather be a dolphin or a tiger or at least out campaigning against their extinction.  Kyla is excited about getting outdoors with the E-Team this summer and will be heading to England in the fall to pursue her Master degree in Environmental Law. 

David Major

This being the second E-Team he has supervised, David likes to think of himself as a savvy veteran.  Anyone watching him wandering aimlessly around the office may think otherwise...  He does, however, very much enjoy working with motivated youths such his current and past E-Team crews.  He enjoys his spare time outside (don't we all?) mountain biking, photographing interesting things, hiking, and throwing a frizbee through trees and over grass. David is hoping to do some world travelling after Christmas to Asia and Japan.

   Lisa Fairley

Lisa is the coordinator for the Marine Mammal Monitoring (M3) project. Combining her skills in boating with her passion for whales, she will be our coxswain and team leader on the water this summer. Lisa recently graduated from UVic’s Geography and Environmental Studies program, where she focused her studies on marine protected areas and whale conservation. During her limited spare time, she is a volunteer coxswain for the Coast Guard Auxiliary in Oak Bay. Lisa is very excited about getting this pilot project underway this summer.

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