Cecelia Creek

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The Cecelia Creek Project
Environmental Technology Co-op Team
September, 1998
Prepared For: The Veins of Life Watershed Society,Victoria BC
Prepared By: Robin Anderson, Rahab Cummins,
Tracy Soberg and David Vadocz
Camosun College Environmental Technology Program
Co-op Team, Victoria BC

Everyone lives in a watershed. We aim to foster watershed thinking in our local communities.  In fact, we would like citizens to know their watershed address as well as their street address.

VOLWS is presently playing an active part in watershed planning processes for tributaries to the Gorge waterway.  Staff participate in action committees and provide consultation to watershed forums..

A watershed atlas and fish production plan is underway for the Craigflower watershed and will serve as a model for similar folios for other local watersheds. This photo and map-based atlas will serve as a useful planning tool for senior and local government officials, community groups, and the general public.
What is a watershed?
A watershed is typically defined as an area within a height of land or line of maximum elevation.  Runoff from rain or snow that falls within this area drains to a common point. 
Why the Veins of Life?
The veins of water moving through a watershed as streams and rivers are similar to our own veins, which carry blood that has nourished the body and collected waste back to a single point, the heart.
What about Watershed Thinking?
Watershed Thinking is catching on. Resource managers, municipal officials and anyone dealing with aquatic ecosystems have begun to understand the intricate connections between our land-based activities and the wellness of natural systems.

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