Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora)

Identification: Belly and undersides of legs are bright red, dorsal surface brown with small black spots and a dark mask on the sides of the face. Males range from 50 to 60mm long, females over 70mm. The tadpoles are greenish-brown with light and dark spots on the back. May reach up to 70mm in length before transforming.

Habits: Usually found in small quiet pool, swamps or ponds in or beside a sheltering damp forest. May be found away from the water, but will still be on damp trail litter.

Feeding: Feed on small insects and other forest invertebrates.

Breeding: Seasons begins immediately after emergence from hibernation. Males call from beneath the water to attract a female. The eggs are laid in loose, solitary masses under the water. The tadpoles transform in mid-summer with the juveniles, maturing in two to three years.

References: Green, David M. and Campbell, R. Wayne. 1992. The Amphibians of British Columbia. Royal British Columbia Museum. Victoria, B.C.

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