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Veins of Life Watershed Society  Marine Mammal Monitoring M3 Education Boat
Whale Watching Guidelines
  1. BE CAUTIOUS and COURTEOUS: approach areas of known or suspected marine mammal activity with extreme caution. Look in all directions before planning your approach or departure.
  2. SLOW DOWN: reduce speed to less then 7 knots when within 400 metres/yards the nearest whale. Avoid abrupt course changes.
  3. AVOID approaching closer than 100 metres/yards to any whale.
  4. If your vessel is unexpectedly within 100 metres/yards of a whale, STOP IMMEDIATELY and allow the whales pass.
  5. AVOID approaching whales from the from behind. Always approach and whales from the side, moving in a parallel to the direction of the whales.
  6. KEEP CLEAR of the whales’ path. Avoid positioning your vessel within the 400 metre/yard area in the path of the whales.
  7. STAY on the OFFSHORE side of the whales when they are traveling close to shore. Remain at least 200 metres/yards offshore at all times.
  8. LIMIT your viewing time to a recommended maximum of 30 miMr.es. This will minimize the cumulative impact of many vessels and give consideration to other viewers.
  9. DO NOT swim with or feed whales
Marine Mammal Monitoring No Go Guidelines Veins of Life Watershed Society
Be Whale Wise Poster Marine Mammal Monitoring Veins of  Life Watershed Society

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