Esquimalt Dye Test Team

What Do We Do?

The Esquimalt Dye Test Team consists of 6 team members - Adell, Bonny, James, Mark, Wil and Vern, our fearless leader. When we dye test we go door to door putting a green or red dye down all the toilets and laundry facilities, while other members of the team watch for the dye to run through the sewer at a nearby manhole. By doing this we are checking to see if the sewer system is functioning properly. An example of a problem would be if dye showed up in the storm drain. We would then know that the sewer is draining directly into the storm drain and from there into our aquatic habitat (ocean or creek). When the time finds a problems, we notify the appropriate municipality who then take steps to resolve the problem. At the start of the dye-test program we received training in First Aid and Traffic Control. The purpose of our effort is to improve and maintain water quality and help prevent pollution from reaching our streams and ocean.

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