Meet The Streamteam

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The Stream Team is part of the Veins of Life Watershed Society. We are part of the E-Team program which employs and trains unemployed or underemployed youth, ages 16 to 24. We work on restoration and enhancement of salmon bearing streams on Southern Vancouver Island. Our work involves instream work, such as spawning gravel placement, or bank work, such as replanting with native riparian species.

This web site was partially created as a showcase of the projects that the Stream Team has completed or is currently involved in. We also wished this site to be a comprehensive restoration database, including information on various restoration techniques, as well as information on the plants and wildlife that depend on the vegetation around our streams. The information on the resources section of the VOLWS website has been painstaking creating by this 1999 Streamteam.

Click on the name at the left for a resume and contact information of team members, if you are interested in finding people to do any of the above work.

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